SUMMARY: Network of PCs and Sparc WorkStations!

From: Jalal Soltanian-Zadeh (
Date: Fri Aug 04 1995 - 00:58:37 CDT

Hi Everybody,
Sorry for the delay. I have been very busy these days. Anyway.
Thanks to all of you who responded. It seems that there are so many options for
the mentioned task. I am going to search a little more about each option and
find out which one is best for me. The original question and the email addresses
of people who answered my question and the summary of those answers are as

>>>>Hi Managers,
>I have a network of several PCs and workstations and printers.
>The problems that I am facing now are as follows:

>To be able to print jobs from PCs to the Sparc printers and printers connected
>directly to the network.

>To be able to have all the PCs and the Sparc WorkStations working as a workgroup
>in a way that people being able to update their calendars and read-delete-modify
>their e-mails on either PCs or Sparc WorkStations.

>I was wondering if someone has acrossed such a situation and know a software
>or softwares which will make these tasks possible. Your help is appreciated.


The softwares available are:

sun solarnet for PCs
sun pc-nfs for PCs ------------>pcnfs 5.1, pcnfs-pro
sun selectmail for PCs
solaris x86 for PCs
Xwindows for PCs
Hummingbird's Exceed/W


Let me know if you need any more information.

Jalal S Zadeh
Henry Ford Hospital
System Administer
P#(313) 556-9982

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