SUMMARY: Replacement for Online: DiskSuite

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 17:38:19 CDT

The original question:

> Is there a competitor to Sun's Online: Disksuite for Solaris 1? Sun
> Express no longer sells the $825 desktop version - you have to buy the
> ~$3K server version. I simply want to mirror two 1GB drives for
> redundancy. If one fails, the other should continue running.

> I already have the hardware, and I don't want to buy a hardware RAID
> system - software only please.

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        Tom Mornini <>
        Rogerio Rocha <>
        COURTIER Denis Athesa <> (Kevin J. Barth) (Mark B. Hamby)


One person suggested buying ODS desktop from Sun directly.

Three people told me that ODS is copackaged with Solaris 2.4. I
already knew that. That's why I specified that I was using SunOS 4.X.
This particular machine is running some old CAD software that requires
SunOS and SunView.

One person asked why I wanted a software solution. It is because we
already have the hardware, and a RAID hardware solution is tremendous

Two people mentioned Veritas Software. This is the answer I was
looking for. They can do what I want for $1500 (for one SPARC 5
desktop license, a Veritas 100-class machine). However, see below.

Solution chosen:

I have a spare ODS for 2.4 license, but originally thought that there
were no Solaris 2 machines available to serve these disks. I have
since found a Classic running 2.3 that is dedicated to a big plotter.
I am checking to see if the plotter can tolerate the extra load. If
so, I'll use ODS on there. If not, I'll buy the Veritas software.

                David L. Markowitz
                Litronic Industries

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