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Date: Wed Aug 02 1995 - 02:13:28 CDT


My original question:

>I've been having really nice colors displayed several (3-9) times a day
>on my new SPARC_5. The color(s) are solid with black text. The color change
>lasts about 1.5 sec. The colors I've seen so far are red, blue, magenta,
>and yellow. Sounds like one or more temporarily lost RGB drivers. Maybe
>the software drivers get tired driving and rest for a short time???
>We see this here on SUN SPARC 5s 10s, and 20s running SunOS 4.1.3, 4.1.3_U1,
>and 4.1.4.
>Has anyone else experienced this behavior?

To date I've received 9 replies, most of which pointed at hardware and ther
rest pointed at the X colormap.

Evidently I didn't make my original post clear enough. We have a group of SUN
and Tatung SPARC 5, 10s, and 20s. On all of the SUN machines we see this
behavior. We have never seen it on the Tatung's. We would have suspected
hardware/cabling, but this is effecting too many SUN's simultaneously to be
cabling. We also cannot reproduce the colors on the screen by playing with the

To clarify on the colors. Picture a grey-scale monitor, now apply that same
idea to a magenta-scale monitor, or a grey-scale, or a yellow-scale, or a
green-scale monitor etc. To re-emphasize the point, the colors we get cannot
be produced by simply pullig a cable (or wiggling them for that matter).

This behavior happens with relatively idle systems, heavily loaded systems,
and across a range of applications.

Thanks, in advance, for any help,


Thanks to the following for their responses:

Flaky Cables:
    Caspar Arquint, John Rosenburg, Steve Remsig, Kevin Sheehan,
    Perry Hutchison, Raymond Cheung

Private Color Cube:
    Christopher A. Stewart

Prank/other software accessing with colormap:
    Andy Feldt

8bit vs. 24bit video card and what application wants:
    Eric Peterson

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