SUMMARY - Using Solaris 1.x on Sparc20 SX systems

From: Stuart Bradshaw (
Date: Tue Aug 01 1995 - 18:10:39 CDT

Thanks for all the replies - the overwhelming answer is yes. I removed
the VSIMM board and installed an Sbus CG3 frame buffer card and used
4.1.3_U1 OS with no problems.

Original question: can Solaris 1.x somehow be run on a Sparc 20 SX system.

Thanks to: (Martin Achilli)
Peter Parnes <>
Scott.Kamin@Central.Sun.COM (Scott Kamin [Sun Denver SE])
janem@swallow-218.Eng.Sun.COM (Jane Medefesser) (John Allen)
Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM>

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