SUMMARY: Firewall-1 -vs- others

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Date: Fri Jul 28 1995 - 01:22:37 CDT


Not really enough to post a conclusive summary, but here are the responses
that I received. Thanks to all that responded.

Rich Snyder

Here is the original posting:
>We are about to purchase a firewall product and are very interested in
>Firewall-1. Any pros or cons of this product versus other firewalls or
>other experiences would be greatly appreciated. In particular we are
>looking at the BorderWare Firewall Server (previously called JANUS) as an
>alternative. I will summarize.
>Rich Snyder
      ...and the responses...
Hi !!

The only other firewall I have see/worked with is Raptor - only works on
and SunOS 4.1.x. Personally, I use Firewall 1 at work - extremely easy to
and provides good security for the cost involved. It contains all the basic
requirements what a good FireWall should have. I have had no trouble with
this so far.......(fingers crossed !!)

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        I have had extensive experiance with it as well as other Firewalls.
It does what it says. The question is if it meets your requirements. Do
you have a need for single-use passwords, secure mail, etc. If you have
done a risk assessment, you should be in a good position to answer those


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     There is a firewalls listserv which may have archives which will
     answer your question. It's address is:

                send "subscribe firewalls" in body of message

     or you can use anonymous ftp to:
                           directory: pub/firewalls

     Hope this helps.
Sun's Firewall-1 is Not Ready For Prime Time. No docs, support doesn't
understand the product, and they panicked when I said the box I was going
to install it on was going to be running DNS - as if YP has now become the
standard Internet naming system.

I'm ready to toss it in the crapper. Want to buy a copy?

Dave O'Shea
Technical Development Manager 713.364.5067
Williams Telecommunications Systems I am a spokesman for WCS. Not.

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