SUMMARY Problems with olvwm on Solaris 2.4

From: Richard Skelton (
Date: Wed Jul 26 1995 - 12:09:08 CDT

Hi Sun-managers,

Last week I sent an e-mail to this group regarding some problems with olvwm V4

Thanks to Mark B. Hamby who pointed me at a new version (olvwm4.1) see below.



olvwm4 running under Solaris 2.4

Patch 102450 installed to clear bug 1145502

No patch found for bug 1147131

Known problems

Autoraise doesn't seem to work under olvwm on Solaris 2.4 (10% chance of it
        working on startup, 1% chance it will still be working at the end of the
        day). It worked 99% under SunOS 4.1.1. I think it also works under olwm
        all the time. I use

olwm.AutoRaise: True
olwm.AutoRaiseDelay: 500000

============> Fixed by olvwm4.1

The circle/dot stretch feedback cursor doesn't work. Found as bugid 1176119 - no

============> Workaround

olvwm.CursorSpecialResize: True

        seems to work ok (and is a better alternative :-)
Windows seem to need to be closed twice before they iconize. This may be related

olvwm.StickyIcons: True

        the first close signal seems to "sticky" the window and the second
        will close it.

============> Fixed by olvwm4.1

Mouse pointer is cramped sideways on root background and in some tools. Bug
        1130169 & 1128241 reports this - no patch.

============> Not fixed (but who cares ;-)


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From: Bob Yamaguchi <>

You write:

>The symptoms I get are -
> The circle with a dot mouse pointer does not appear at
> the frame corners to feedback a stretch operation.
>Has anyone seen these problem?

I've seen this one. It's annoying, but I can live with it for now. I hope
it's fixed soon.

I haven't been running it long, but one other thing I've seen is sometimes
the meta-arrow combo to change desktops doesn't work if the pointer is in
an application window. It might have more to do with the application, but
I'm not sure.

I'll be looking forward to the summary.


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I get these symptoms too but it seems to be aplication specific so is probably
due to the application trapping the key strokes ??

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From: Andy Feldt <>


   Yes, I have all the problems you describe with olvwm, but they don't
bother me much (except slightly the stretch feedback problem). The one
that *does* bother me is the fact that the cursor jumps to apparently
random spots after a button press. I, too, found nothing on SunSolve,
but I am aware that olvwm is not officially supported by Sun...

Good luck!

Andy Feldt
Senior System Support Programmer
Department of Physics and Astronomy
The University of Oklahoma

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I've not seen the jumpy cursor problem.

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From: "Mark B. Hamby" <>


I found OLVWM 4.1 on You might try that.

Cool nights,

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Thanks Mark, V 4.1 seems to fix all my problems except

<> the circle/dot cursor (the workaround for that is better than a solution
<> the squashed cursor (who cares).

Thanks to everybody who helped.

Richard Skelton | e-mail :

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