SUMMARY: Odd BIND 4.9.3 behavors on a SS1 running SunOS 4.1.3U1B

From: Chin Fang (
Date: Tue Jul 25 1995 - 02:52:15 CDT

I posted my question yesterday. After posting, I went back my SS1
and checked and rechecked everything. Initially I thought because
I didn't follow the README exactly, (which says to build BIND for
SunOS, one needs to use the BSD environment, a FALSE statement for
BIND 4.9.3 BETA-23 IMHO) so I was going to recompile the thing.

Then suddenly I noticed that in my named.boot, the reverse look up
map was not typed correctly, i.e. I didn't reverse the net portion
of the IP in the! Silly me :(

After correcting, and a little polishing of the rc.local, everything
works correctly. So as far as the test set up is concerned, it's done.
Time to get a more powerful SS on line.

BTW, it's not true that BIND can't be set up when the network is not
connected to the Internet. If one's machine is the primary and all
queries are concerned with internal hosts, then root servers won't be
contacted. BIND can be used on hosts belonging to an isolated network.

Thanks to the following two kind fellow Sun managers for their quick
and helpful pointers:

Reto Lichtensteiger <>
Christopher Davis <>


Chin Fang

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