Summary: Dump Question - How much is too Much?

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Date: Tue Jul 18 1995 - 19:38:30 CDT

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MY QUESTION: My current script just dumps partition after partition onto the
tape. There is no attempt to determine end of tape or end of luck. Will Dump
itself recognize it is out of tape and ask for a fresh one? If not, how does
one dump a whole lot of partitions to tape and not lose anything?
< Even more Stuff Trimmed to delight the natives >

Some folks sent me their scripts, others told me tales of cron-jobbery,

One script sent in by (Kohler R. P. (Robert)) computes the
sizes of stuff to be dumped, fits them to the tape, and then proceeds to dump
in that sequence. Another script ( By (Allen
Witt) ) tests the dump log to see if the tape ended before the dump did. If
so, it redoes the fouled dump.

In cron-jobbery, pln@egret1.stanford:edu tells me dump only asks for tape if
its typed in from the command prompt. A cron job has no ttys - so it would

On fellow answered my question a bit well. These scripts are all part of an
automated site system. Gene Rackow <> reccomended using the
amanda package . I have yet to pull it down, but I am
evaluating it as an option for long term at this as well as othersites. These
site packages keep being one off instead of one package.

Many thanks to those that replied:
From: (Kohler R. P. (Robert))
From: "Patrick L. Nolan" <>
From: Lee Ann Goldstein (225686) <>
From: (Allen Witt)
From: (Pierre-Yves Bonnetain)
"Sorry folks - humor and imagination as payback for a kind answer may not
appear here. Flame as you see fit"

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