SUMMARY: Answerbook on Xterminals (and PCs with Xservers)

From: Joseph P DeCello III (
Date: Fri Jul 14 1995 - 09:12:03 CDT

Over the past few years, I've seen lots of posts about "how do I run
answerbook on xterminals". The main problem is that answerbook requires
postscript, which is done via XNEWS in openwindows. Since XNEWS apps
can't run remotely without support on the remote Xserver, you can't
run them on an Xterminal or PC X server.

I've just installed a software package for a client called:
        Disply PostScript NX, by Adobe

which is a postscript extention for Openwindows. This extetion handles
all the postscript intrepretation, and allows you to display a postscript
application on any remote Xserver.

This package was about $500, but it does solve the problem of running
Answerbook on a remote Xserver, and fully supports the viewer, including
hyperlinks (which I found impressive).

I may have misspoke some of the techincal stuff above, so feel free to
post corrections, but no flames please, just though many of you would find
this interesting.

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