SUMMARY: Auto-Install between different NIS domains

From: Cory Tsang (
Date: Sun Jul 16 1995 - 20:07:49 CDT

Hi managers,

This is a summary of responses that I received regarding Auto-Installing
a client that is on one NIS domain from a boot server that is on another.

Although I haven't actually achieved the total hands-off auto-install yet
(I think it is just a matter of putting some time into it), there was a
simple solution for my request.

Casper Dik <> wrote:
Boot the bootparam server on the NIS server of the domain.
The bootparam server determines the clients domainname.
Alternatively, specify "domain=<clientdomain>" in the bootparam file
for clients in a different domain than the bootparam/installserver.
After this the clients will take all NIS information from the NIS
server for their domain, not teh install server. So all domains
need to know timehost and timezone

The above worked perfectly. Once the client boots up, it picks up the
domain from the bootparams file and the rest is from the NIS server.

Other suggestions were to make a begin script
that removed the /etc/.UNCONFIGURED file. Here is what was sent to me:

<> sent:

My advice.
1. Edit the file 'sysconfig'. This resides in:
        Comment out the following:
                # if [ -x /usr/sbin/installtool ]; then
                # /usr/sbin/sysidsys
                # else
                # (DISPLAY=""; export DISPALY; /usr/sbin/sysidsys)
                # fi
2. Include in the begin script (started when the auto-install obtains
        it's configuration (openwindows gets started, searching
                echo "Removing /etc/.UNCONFIGURED"
                /usr/bin/rm -f /a/etc/.UNCONFIGURED
                # Note that '/a' This is necessary.
That'll helps your auto-install be a 'auto-install'. The rest is straight

I haven't tried this, though I think I'm going to tinker with it while I
have the chance.

The other suggestion involves allowing the client to boot up and then
manually changing the /etc/defaultdomain and /var/yp/aliases either in
the finish script, or after the machine has completed its auto-install.

Below, I'm including my original message for documentation purposes.
Thanks to all the managers, especially to:

Casper Dik <>
Michael Bennett <>
Cary Babcock <>
Mark Sturtevant <>

for your responses.
--Cory Tsang

> >
> > Hi sun-managers,
> >
> > I'm grappling with a minor problem with auto install. The install server
> > that I'm using is on a different NIS domain than the clients I'm
> > installing. The clients then pick up the domain of the server instead of
> > the domain for that particular lab.
> >
> > Going through sunsolve and some faqs, I found that sysidtool is what
> > controls this information. Specifically, sysidnis. I'm at a loss,
> > though, at how to use these tools during an autoinstall.
> >
> > Perhaps I can accomplish this through setting environment variables?
> > Could I do this in the begin script? When exactly is the begin script
> > executed?
> >
> > When the autoinstall occurs (after boot net - install), the install still
> > requests timezone information. After that is complete, the rest is hands
> > off. I believe sysidsys is the tool to use, but again, I am not sure if
> > I'm able to manipulate that information before the autoinstall takes place.
> >
> > Although this should be pretty much an architecture independent problem,
> > here's the info on the machines I'm working with:
> >
> > Server: Sparc 20 running Solaris 2.4
> > Client: Sparc IPX
> >
> > The two machines, again, are on two different NIS domains.
> >
> > Please email replies (I just subscribed, so I'm not sure I'll see any
> > flow for a day). I'll post a summary.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Cory Tsang
> >
> >
> >

-- cory

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