SUMMARY: NIS+ question

From: Andrew Watkins (
Date: Tue Jul 11 1995 - 19:38:52 CDT

Yet again thanks for the people who replied.

I wrote:
> This is a very simply question, but before I start install/testing
> NIS+ I would like to know what I should call my domain.
> Looking at the documentation it seems to follow DNS names.
> Do I require to do this or can I have any name?

The general feeling is that I can call my domainname anything
I like and for security reasons it is best NOT to have NIS+
name the same as DNS name.

The only thing which you must do is have at least two words in
your domainname with a dot separating them ( ,, ) otherwise NIS+ search mechanism will be broken.

One person out of 6 was still unhappy with NIS+, since it is still
slow and there are some times problems for users logging in after a
system crash.

At the moment I am still running NIS, but I will now give it a
try. Fingers Crossed!!

Thanks again to

Jarod Jenson <>
Jas (Matthew K) <matt@uts.EDU.AU>
Wolfgang Leideck <>
Simon-Bernard Drolet <>
Gyula Szokoly <szgyula@skysrv.Pha.Jhu.EDU>
Cyril Plisko <>


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