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From: Ricardo J Ruiz (
Date: Sat Jul 01 1995 - 03:22:53 CDT

Original Question:

We have a network of eight SPARC machines running SunOS v4.1.3_U1 and NIS.
All users except one are able to ftp between any two machines on the
network. This particular user (I'll call it kimdoe) gets the message:

        530 User kimdoe access denied.
        Login failed.

each time kimdoe tries to ftp.

The entry in the passwd file for kimdoe looks no different than the entry
for other users. What else should I look for?

Thanks in advance,


The resounding answer (and solution to my problem) is that kimdoe is
probably using a non-standard shell (kimdoe is using tcsh). I need to
create the file /etc/shells and list all the shells, full path, being
used by the users on my system.

Some people told me to look for kimdoe in the file /etc/ftpusers (these
are the users being denied ftp access). Others asked me to verify that the
user has a password (ftp won't accept users with a null password). And
some told me to read the man pages for ftpd which would had allowed me
troubleshoot this problem all by myself since all the information needed
is there.

Thanks to all the persons (over 50 and still coming in) who replied to my

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