SUMMARY: DNS problem

From: Raptakis Ioannis (
Date: Fri Jun 23 1995 - 03:40:45 CDT

   Thank you very much for your answers.
    You'll have to excuse my ignorance that I didn't mention
    my machine is a Solaris II (you will also have to excuse my English too !)
   Anyway, the solution was simple. I only had to edit the nsswitch.conf
    (the nsswitch.conf for dns not the generic one) and replace the
      entry: "hosts files" with: "hosts dns files". I restarted the named daemon
   and everything worked just fine. Maybe my question was stupid, but after
    all the time I lost for that simple thing i wonder: Why should I Buy
    next time a Sun machine ..when for my Sun I'm trying 2 days to make named run properly
   and for An Alpha workstation it took me no more than half an hour
   to setup everything. Anyway I still keep wondering .....

I would like to thank everyone. Thank you for your help:

Chris A. Stewart
K. Saouli
Alin H. Runde
Tom Mornini
Pamela S.Pledger
Michael Koller
Mark Cooper
Stephen Schaefen
Christopher L.Bar
Rusty Atkins L.
Ted Nolan
Bob Reardon
Michael J. Convington
Tim Evans
John Rosenberg
Mike Salehi
Jeff Mayzurk

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