SUMMARY: mdump tool

From: Chris Doane (
Date: Sat Jun 17 1995 - 17:13:55 CDT

Turns out the tool is a commercial product from Apunix,
I'm in the process of checking into proper licensing.
Apunix can be reached at the following:

 Apunix Computer Services
 9921 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 321
 San Diego, CA 92129 USA

Thanks to everyone who responded, a couple of folks
suggested using amanda as a backup tool. I had
downloaded it awhile ago, and was pretty impressed -
I was hesitant to use it because of the performance
requirement of a "holding" filesystem, minimum size
to be equivilent with the largest dump system. With
several 2gig filesystems to backup, and not that much
space to spare, I abandoned the idea.

Thanks again,
Chris Doane

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Dear Sun-Managers -

To continue the topic of multiple dumps to a tape, I'm
looking for tool I once used called "mdump" which was
pretty good at administrating nightly backups. The
program would reference a dumptab file that specified
the daily dump level of each filesystem. I found
a copy of the tool that was not as flexible as the
one I remember, you could only specify the level 0
dump - all other dumps default to level 5. The
version I once used allowed you to specify different
levels for any day of the week.

Anyone know of where to find the source for this version
of mdump?


Chris Doane

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