SUMMARY: Can SUNOS 4.1.3 has 2 defaultrouter ?

From: Bambang Sugiantoro (
Date: Thu Jun 15 1995 - 17:21:20 CDT

Dear All,

This is my question

>>Can SunOS 4.1.3 use 2 defaultrouter for redudancy? So, if the first router
>>down it will automatically use the second router.
>>If yes how to set it?

The answer is "cannot have two default routers".

I "can" put 2 defaultrouter with

   # route -a default xx.xx.xx.a 1
   # route -a default xx.xx.xx.b 1

and if I do netstat -r I get message like

Routing tables
Destination Gateway Flags Refcnt Use Interface
localhost localhost UH 4 30364 lo0
default xx.xx.xx.a UG 4 0 le0
default xx.xx.xx.b UG 4 0 le0

but it use the first default entry for router and not automatically change
to second default entry when the first router down (I tried this).
I must delete the first default router manualy so it will use the second router.

I get some suggestion,

from Chip Christian:
To make automatically changing, do not use defaultrouter but use the
/usr/etc/routed, the daemon that manage/dynamically update the routing table
using RIP. This assuming the routers are broadcasiting RIP.
Just delete /etc/defaultrouter, /usr/etc/routed will run when the machine boot.

from Barmar,
run a cron job every few minutes that pings the normal default router and if
it goes down, install a new default route.

Many thank's to:

Chip Christian <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (Joe Welfeld)
Andy McCammont <> (Aditya Talwar)

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