SUMMARY : Restoring from an EXB8505-XL with 4.1.3 miniroot

From: Niall O Broin x 3619 (
Date: Wed Jun 14 1995 - 10:01:51 CDT

Rather a paucity of replies here - one indicated that an Exabyte tape writes onto
a previously written tape in the same density as was used before i.e. 2.3G / 5G,
compressed/uncompressed regardless of the minor device number (and hence density
select code) used - can anyone please confirm this ?

The bottom line is that the 4.1.3 miniroot doesn't recognise the 8505 and hence won't
read tapes from it no matter what mode they are written in. Out of curiousity, I
rebuilt my kernel without support for the 8505 and wrote a tape on it, thus written
in generic tape mode - the miniroot would still not read it.

The answer, as I suspected, was to boot from a 4.1.4 CD which has support for the
8505 in the miniroot.

Kindest regards,

Niall O Broin

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