Summary-How to save shadow info from NIS+ tables.

Date: Tue Jun 13 1995 - 03:27:44 CDT

Hi all,

I received several replies for the question included below. The common
denominator is

use the following command to split the nis+ passwd table into a shadow file
and a password file.

nisaddent -d passwd > some directory/passwd
nisaddent -d -t passwd.org_dir shadow > some directory/shadow

Note that once we create these files and put them in a directory, to create
an nisplus passwd table, just use the nispopulate script supplied with

I tested this and it works. Thanks to all who replied.


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> Hello sun-managers,
> There were two situations in which we had to dump all the NIS+ tables to
> files, reconfigure nis+ and use the dumped files to create new nis+ tables.
> In both cases I lost the shadow info, and had to reenter passwords using
> admintool for all users. Following is my understanding.
> NIS+ does not have a shadow table. If we have a passwd file and a shadow
> file, we can use nisaddent first to create a passwd table and then use
> nisaddent with -m option to merge the shadow information into the password
> table.
> My problem, ie., what I dont understand is how to split an existing nis+ passwd
> table into two files - a passwd file and a shadow file.
> Thanks in advance. I will summarize as I always have.
> -Ramesh.
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