SUMMARY: incoming mail permissions set wrong

From: Steve Kapalko (
Date: Wed Jun 14 1995 - 01:29:12 CDT

Live and learn . . .
        The answer to this was the permissions/ownership of the local
mail delivery program . . . /bin/mail. It not only had the wrong
permissions(S/B 4555), it was owned by someone(nameless) other than the
the correct owner(root). My review of this was prompted by the response
I received from Ian MacPhedran(Ian_MacPhedran@engr.USask.CA).
        Another response suggested a look at the permissions of the mail
directory(S/B drwxrwsrwt), which were correct. (Adam Nevins
        I'll leave RJ's out . . . -)
                                Thank You for the prompt response,

Original question:
> I'm baffled . . .
> I have just replaced a server(sparc1+/4.1.2) with a sparc20 4.1.3_U1
> and have experienced strange behavior with regards to incoming mail.
> If no mailbox exists for an account then one is created on the receipt
> of mail that is owned by daemon . . . if the mail came from outside
> the local network. If the message came from inside the local network,
> then the mailbox that is created is owned by the account that sent the
> message. sendmail is linked to and is 4555 owned by root.
> PLEASE point out the error of my ways.
> Thank you,
> Steve

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