SUMMARY (rdump questions)

From: Marc Samama (
Date: Tue Jun 13 1995 - 09:39:03 CDT

I wanted to know why rdump always print

        DUMP: tape rewinding

while I use a non rewindind raw device to dump my filesystems.
(I dump multiple filesystems on the same tape.)

Everybody that responded told me that this message is printed by
the dump program when it closes the device, but it can be safely
ignored when using the non rewinding device.

I got replies from the following people: (Syed Zaeem Hosain) sent me a very complete reply with
a script that does full dumps, and uses parameters to dump on different
devices. I included this script at the end of this mail.

        Jeff Mallory <> gave me some advice on how
to verify that the dumps are sequential: For exemple, type a
'mt -f /dev/nrst1 fsf 1' to get to the start of the second dump. Then
do a 'restore ivf /dev/rst1', and an 'ls' at the restore prompt. The
non rewinding device must be specified because otherwise, mt will effectively
rewind the tape at the end of each command.

I also got replies from all those people: (!) (Dr. Micheal Albert)
        Nico Garcia ( (Perry Hutchison)
        Ric (<> "Ric Anderson")
        Steve Lee <> (Fred H. Berns)
        Chris Wozniak TISC <> (Mr Rene Occelli)
        Gerhard den Hollander <> (Peter (jaffa cake) Allan)
        Casper Dik <casper@Holland.Sun.COM> (Jochen Bern) (Tim Evans)
        Boyd Fletcher <>
        Stephen Schaefer - Imonics Consultant <> (Mark S. Anderson) (Dave Haut) (Danny Johnson) (Michael Sullivan)
        Stephen Hauskins (sunlist@mendel.UCSC.EDU) (Cindy Yoho) (Steve Ehrhardt)

They all told me more or less that I should not pay attention to dump, an old
utility that didn't know about non rewinding devices. Stephen Schaefer told
me that dump even says it rewinds the tape when you dump to /dev/null.
Some people suggested an interactive restore on different partitions
of the dump, to be sure everything works as expected. (See Jeff Mallory's
reply on how to do that.)
I've been asked to forward patches for this problem, but didn't receive any...

Thanks again to everybody.


Syed Zaeem Hosain's dump script:

zodiac{320}szh: ls -l params*
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root staff 10 May 28 02:20 params -> params.4mm*
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root staff 176 May 28 02:32 params.4mm*
-rw-r--r-- 1 root staff 174 May 28 02:40 params.qic150
zodiac{321}szh: cat params
#!/bin/csh -x
# Basic parameters for the backup:
        set block = 126
        set density = 15000
        set size = 15000
        set device = /dev/nrst0
        set tracks = " "
        set dumptype = 9ucbdsf
zodiac{322}szh: cat full
#!/bin/csh -x
# Basic parameters for the backup:
        source params
        set dumptype = 0ucbdsf
# Rewind the tape:
        mt -f $device rew
# Do the dump:
        foreach partition ( /dev/rsd1a /dev/rsd1g /dev/rsd1h )
                dump $dumptype $block $density $size $tracks $device $partition
# Rewind the tape:
        mt -f $device rew


Marc (

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