Summary: which process owns udp port

Date: Mon Jun 12 1995 - 22:35:10 CDT

My original question:
> Hi,
> I am looking for a way to determine which process owns a particular udp
> port. One of our servers is getting flooded with NIS requests. Using snoop,
> I can see which machine and which port the requests are coming from, but
> I cannot figure out which process is responsible.

Several readers responded. Most suggested getting a copy of 'lsof'. One reader
included sample output from the program. It looks just like what the doctor
ordered! The source can be gotten from:

| The latest release of lsof is always available via anonymous ftp |
| from Look in pub/tools/unix/lsof. |
Thanks again to all.

Adam Nevins
Network Specialist
LTX Corporation
Westwood, MA

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