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My original question was, on many stations with a Type 5 keyboard,
the output of a kbd -t command is:
Type 4 Sun keyborad.

The main answer is that the two keyboards are the same, only the layout
change and the OS will report that a Type 5 keyboard is a Type 4.

Thanks to (Larry Ridenour) (Guy Harris)
Bruce Skidmore <> (Birger A. Wathne)

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (Guy Harris)

SunOS considers Type 4 and Type 5 keyboards to be the same type of
keyboard, because they're compatible with one another; both Type 4 and
Type 5 keyboards have several different keyboard layouts, and Type 5s
are treated, by the software, as Type 4's with Type 5-style keyboard

As such, the OS will report that a Type 5 keyboard is a Type 4.

+++++++++++++++++++ (Birger A. Wathne)

The price list says Type 5, but when queried the keyboard identifies
itself as type 4. This is because it's electronically a type 4 device.
Same protocol, same drivers. But the layout is different, so there are different
layout codes.

I have appended a small program called kbdtype.

kbdtype -h : Short help
kbdtype : Retrun keyboard type (KB_KLUNK KB_VT100 KB_SUN2 KB_SUN3 KB_SUN4
                KB_ASCII og KB_UNKNOWN)
kbdtype -l : Return layout code (US4 Norway4 US5 norway5, etc, etc)

(If you want this program contact me or Birger )

+++++++++++++ (Larry Ridenour)

Because the ROMs in the 3 machines were made before the type 5 keyboards were
made. The only way you will get the machine to "see" the type 5's is to have
new ROM's put in them.
(I think it's strange, because the 5 station appears AFTER the type 5
keyborad was delivered)

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