SUMMARY: automount question

Date: Sat Jun 10 1995 - 10:20:13 CDT

Here's my original post:

>We've been using a direct automount map to make various packages
>installed on a server available to clients. The mount point
>and the real directory is the same on the server.
>Example: on the server we have /opt/SUNWspro, our direct automount
>map has the "/opt/SUNWspro -ro,hard server:&" entry.
>This has been working fine until recently when somehow the server
>doesn't like it anymore and keep giving us this error message:
>Mount of /opt/SUNWspro on /opt/SUNWspro would result in deadlock, aborted.
>This means we can't get to anything in that directory either on the
>server or on the clients. What could have changed to cause this
>to happen? We could move the stuff to have the mount points different
>from the real path but we're concerned that something else is the real
>Both server & client machines run Solaris 2.3.

The consensus seems to be that what I was doing should not work, I don't
know how it worked for us. To keep the paths the same, I now use a
local auto_master on the server with -null option to override the NIS maps.
The auto_master looks like this:

/opt/SUNWspro -null
more or those overrides

My thanks to Peter Bestel, Leonard Sitongia, Stephen Schaefer, John Wilder,
Jerry Lugert, Anchi Zhang, Kevin Sheehan and Ann Rautenbach for helping
me out on this.


Viet Hoang AT&T, GITS Denver

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