SUMMARY: HP Jetadmin and Solaris 2.4 (more)

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Date: Mon Jun 05 1995 - 07:14:01 CDT

I recently posted a summary to my question. At that time no real solution
had been found to the problem. Since then, I have received further mailings
from a number of helpful admins out there and am happy to say that a solution
has now appeared.

My original question was as follows :-

> I am currently upgrading to 2.4 and trying to configure printing via a
> jetdirect card without any joy in the case of remote jobs.
> I have downloaded the latest version of the jetadmin software (C0233) and
> have the required jumbo kernel patch on Solaris 101945-23.
> I installed the laserjet4 with jetdirect card using the jetadmin tool onto
> a host and it worked fine. When I attempt to send jobs to it from a remote
> host, the job appears in the queue, the printer light flashes momentarily
> and then the job vanishes down a big hole.
> I know that I could install the printer directly on the remote host using
> jetadmin but with 40 machines to setup, this does not look like a very
> efficient method. I use custom jumpstart to install my machines and so
> need something which can be run from the command line (in the post_install
> script maybe). For other (non-jetadmin) printers, I can add them as remote
> devices using the 'lpadmin' command.
> 1) Has anyone else got this to work?
> 2) Is there something more that needs to be done on the remote host?
> 3) If it is not possible to use in master server mode, then is there a command
> line equivalent of the 'jetadmin' tool so that I could add the printer locally
> on each host in the post-install script.
> This problem has been bugging me for a while and HP are not proving very
> helpful saying that I must go through my dealer to get any tech support.
> The dealer has so far proved to be unhelpful also.
> Thanks in anticipation of your help. I will summarise.

Two people suggested that I may not have the necessary listener switched on
because the Jetadmin software fails to do this. This was NOT true in my case
because I had already got other printers attached to this print host and
was accessing them from remote clients.

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> Subject: Re: Summary: Jetadmin and Solaris 2.4
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> I am on 2.4 and C.02.33 and everything works fine with remote printing using
> a print server. What the HP software does not do is init the listener for remote printing.
> Try this.
> sacadm -a -p tcp -t listen -c "/usr/lib/saf/listen tcp" -v `nlsadmin -V` -n 9999
> sacadm -l
> lpsystem -A
> pmadm -a -p tcp -s lp -i root -m `nlsadmin -o /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenS5` -v `nlsadmin -V`
> pmadm -a -p tcp -s lpd -i root -m `nlsadmin -o /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenBSD -A '\x00020203000000000000000000000000'` -v `nlsadmin -V`
> pmadm -a -p tcp -s 0 -i root -m `nlsadmin -c /usr/lib/saf/nlps_server -A '\x00020ACE000000000000000000000000'` -v `nlsadmin -V`
> cat /var/saf/tcp/log

and also

> From ross@sun.RLCons.BC.CA Sat Jun 3 06:45:21 1995
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> Subject: Re: Summary: Jetadmin and Solaris 2.4
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> Dave,
> I've had very similar problems and I think have come up a with simple workaround.
> On the server, you need to make sure that the listen services for remote
> printer support are running. Specifically, you should see something like the
> following:
> root 144> sacadm -l
> tcp listen - 999 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/listen tcp #
> zsmon ttymon - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/ttymon #
> root 145> pmadm -l
> tcp listen lp - root - - p - /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenS5 #
> tcp listen lpd - root \x00020203000000000000000000000000 - p - /var/spool/lp/fifos/listenBSD #
> tcp listen 0 - root \x00020ACE000000000000000000000000 - c - /usr/lib/saf/nlps_server #
> zsmon ttymon ttyb u root /dev/term/b I - /usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttyb login: - tvi925 n #Initialize Only - No Connection
> zsmon ttymon ttya u root /dev/term/a I - /usr/bin/login - 38400 ldterm,ttcompat login: - tvi925 n #Modem - Dial-Out Only
> root 146
> (The above line lengths are quite long, so if you're using Mailtool to view this, make this window *real* wide!)
> The important thing to note is that that pmadm -l command should display
> 3 TCP entries under the PMTAG column. What I found is that the HP software
> didn't seem to set this up. So what I did was use Admintool to configure
> a dummy printer attached to one of the on-board serial ports. I then use
> Admintool to delete the printer, but Admintool does not remove the
> listen services info that it creates under /etc/saf/tcp so the listen
> services stay available.
> Now, on the remote Solaris 2.x machine, I use the Admintool again
> but specify the remote printer name, host and that the OS is System V.
> The System V is important because if you wish to use the print options
> supported by the HP JetDirect software (ie. using the -o switch on
> lp command: lp -o c myfile will print in compressed mode.)
> Also, make sure that the printer type is listed as Unknown and the
> file contents is set to Any. You can check this after you have first
> created the remote printer and then using the Modify Printer ....
> menu to view the settings.
> Of course you could do all of this with the command line, but I've
> found the Admintool to be much easier to use. It's really awful trying
> to set up the listen services by hand (have a look at the instructions
> in the AnswerBook!).
> Good Luck! Let me know if this helps!
> Ross Lavender
> R Lavender Consulting, Inc.


At the end of the day, a fairly simple solution was suggested by Johnie Stafford
(js@cctechnolcom) which seems to work. It is a little worrying that it should be
necessary to have world write permissions on the file indicated. Maybe HP could
look into that one. At least I can get on with the job until that is sorted.

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> Organization: C & C Technologies, Inc., Lafayette, LA
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> Dave,
> Sorry I couldn't respond before, but I'd never had to deal with the
> jetadmin stuff before. Now I have. We tried running our system via the
> jetdirect's lpd print daemon. We had been testing this for serveral
> weeks with what seemed like only minor printing problems. Yesterday,
> we moved all of our DOS/Windows printing clients (about 30) to this
> print server. Those little problems became HUGE problems and we
> decided to try this jetadmin thing. The problem we ran into is that we
> would send jobs to the spool and all the log files claimed that the
> job was printed, but nothing ever appeared at the printer. After
> looking at the net_lj4x model we noticed that it was logging (rather
> verbosely) to the /var/spool/lp/logs/lpsched file. This file had and
> directory did not have world write permission and since the print
> script is run with the uid of the user, it needs world write
> permission to this file. Once we changed the permissions, printing
> worked as advertised.
> Good Luck
> Johnie Stafford
> System Administrator
> C & C Technologies, Inc.

Thanks as always to the unselfish admins out there who make this list so much
better than any paid for support line.



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