SUMMARY: Changing my IP with NIS+

From: Mike Adamski (
Date: Thu Jun 01 1995 - 01:14:19 CDT

I wanted to change my ipaddresses for my NIS+ domain....the WHOLE domain, including
(ouch!) my ROOT MASTER SERVER. Hooboy.
It looks like it's about as bad as I figured. This is the list of responses that
I got from sun-managers, minus the edits of the few misguided
responses that you always get. In summary, I suggest you have sun support
on the horn with you whilst you attempt to do this (and even then you might get hurt.)
How long will it take? A guess, with a knowledgeable Sun-God: 4-5 hours,
for 10 sparcs. It really depends on what U got.
(Engineering type guestimate....padded for your protection)
That's my statement, and my suggestion. Here're the responses:
Gary Merinstein <>
I just went through this: my installation went from one subnet to 8
subnets. I asked sunsolve if I could make the ip changes and propegate
them with nisupdkeys - the sun eng. said it was worth a try, but She felt
I would eventually have to rebuild nis from scratch. I finished
rebuilding my domian yesterday. The nis master ip address is in the cold
start file on all clients, etc. Rebuilding NIS was simpler than playing
with nisupdkeys - I had to rebuild all credentials and re-nisinit all the
 (Richard Carlin - UNIX Sys Admin)
Your not going to like this, but the one machine you can't change the IP
address of is your NIS+ root master. If you must, prior to making the
change, dump all your NIS+ tables to ascii files, see man pages for niscat and
nistbladm, you will then have to rebuild your NIS+ database after changing the
IP address.
I went through this under Solaris 2.3 and learned the hardway.
Good luck.
 (Salvatore Saieva)
I changed the IP addr on my NIS+ master recently, and quite
unexpectedly I found (after hours of banging my head against the
wall during the very late hours of the night) that I had to reinstall
NIS+ from scratch. The IP address of the master server is wired
into the NIS+ domain and is not changable.
I ended up using /usr/lib/nis/nisaddent -d to dump all the tables from
my domain, then I removed the /var/nis directory and built the domain
after booting the server with the new IP address. I reloaded tables
with nisaddent again. Only problem is that you can't dump and reload
the cred table, that must be created using appropriate commands.
Basically, it's a lot of work, leave it for a weekend.
"Brian Terry" <>
I did this about a month ago, and it was a disaster. In theory, it should be
easy: run sys-unconfigure, and restart. It ain't so. What would have taken
5 minutes under NIS, I spent 3 days on and wound up taking a cop-out approach.
Some suggestions:
Delete the hosts NIS+ map, and recreate by doing a nispopulate of an /etc/hosts
Delete the credentials for all the machines you are changing IPs for
I did not try this, but a client of mine suggested: change security to level
0, redo the IPs, repopulate tables, etc, then put security back to level4.
Don't know if this works, but has good potential.
If you added the ethernet addresses to the NIS+ map, you HAVE to disconnect
from the network, or else when you do a sys-unconfigure, the machine will
"relearn" its old IP address from the maps. Very strange, and undocumented,
plus I am not sure this happens on all machines, but it happened on a couple of
Good luck.
Sounds like fun, ay?

Mike A

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