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     Sorry for the few days delay in sending the SUMMARY. I have
gathered quite good information on software and hardware vendors. As
the time is very tight for me because of work load. I would
recommend whoever want to buy one, they should go for the quad speed
type if prices is not an issue. And if possible get one with a hard
disk buildin (possible 1GB), this will increase the speed of backup.
All conversion will store to the disk before backing up on the CDROM.
This is one recommendation I gathered from a vendor locally. Yamaha
quad drive seem to be a good choice and the software gear is quite good
as many company are distributing. Hope this may help.

Special thanks to following people who reply, my apologies if I miss
anyone out.
"Brian Thompson" <>
Jim Mintha <>
Stuart McRobert <>
Andre Saile <>
<> (David Gunn)

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I've used the one from JVC on a 4.1.3 system and it worked fine (and JVC was
very supportive during the install). Their rep in California is Computer
Modules in Santa Clara at 408.496.1881

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On May 20, 10:44am, Steven Lim (Prime Singapore) wrote:
> Subject: CDROM recorder
> Hi Manager,
> Does anybody know where I can get equipment to make my own CD-ROMs
> the SUN for backup so as to get rid of those old tapes media. I need
> on software and hardware vendors. Any recommendation would be
> Thks.
>-- End of excerpt from Steven Lim (Prime Singapore)

I am currently waiting for some hardware/software to arive to do
exactly this. The drive is a Pinnacle RCD-1000 which is available
almost anywhere. The software is Elektroson's GEAR.

Elektroson's number is 1-610-617-0850.


From: Jim Mintha <>
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Subject: CDROM recorders
Date: Sat, 20 May 95 22:41:09 PDT
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Hi Steven,

We have just been investigating CDROM burners and I can give you the
following information: (all the prices are in Canadian dollars and are
included just to give you an idea - they are probably completely
different where you are.)

Two quote we had were:
Phillips CDD 522 CD-recorder ($3967)

Plasmon RF4102 CD-recorder ($3482)


"Gear" pre-Mastering, Entry level for Sunos 4.1.x ($1838)

Plasmon Data Inc.
1654 Centre Pointe Drive
California, USA 95035
Tel: (408) 956 9500
Fax: (408) 956 9444

Gear Software:
Electroson USA
10 Presidential Boulevard
Siute 125
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Tel: (610) 617 0850
Fax: (610) 617 0886

I don't have an address for Phillips. There is also a company called
Young Minds that makes CD mastering software. The latest issue of the
Computer Shopper magazine has an article on CDROM recording.
Apparently prices are going to drop dramatically in the next 6-12

I found $1900 for the software ridiculous. What we are going to do,
is get the Phillips drive, and attach it to an Intel box running
Linux. There is some free software to Linux to write CDROM's that
does everything we need. The $1900 we save will buy the Linux box.

The blank media are about $15 each.


Jim Mintha ( Home: (604) 731-7240 or 737-6094
Geography System Administrator Work: (604) 822-2174 or 465-5074
                                    Fax: (604) 822-6150 or 465-6799
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Try Young Minds in CA, I've been using their package (h/w controller
(a PC) & Kodak writer) for over two years now and it works well, good
support. The controller has a builtin scsi disk drive and two scsi
buses, one is dedicated to going to the CD writer, the other connects
to your host worktation (e.g. a Sun) along with any other scsi devices
you may have. It appears as an Exabyte tape unit for most Unix
operations, although once you've made your CD image, you can rewind the
"tape" and then mount it as a cdrom to check everything is ok before
actually making a disk - quite handy.

Their s/w does seem to produce real ISO 9660 CDs acceptable to most
hosts I've come across that claim to accept normal CDs (other Unix
systems, PCs, Apples Macs) and you can also select Rock Ridge
extensions which makes the CD filesystem appear just like a Unix rather
than PC filesystem, but is still be compatibile for use on those
systems not supporting Rock Ridge, best of both worlds really.

Mastering a full CD to ISO 9660 does take some time though, perhaps a
couple of hours. So a fast tape based (maybe one of those new DLT
drives) could be a faster solution if backing up GBytes of data, but
you won't have CD random access speed for restores.

Hope this helps.



Subject: Re: CDROM recorder

Hi Steven !
California in U.S.A.
Young Minds Inc.
1910 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, CA 92375
Phone +1-909-335-1350
Fax +1-909-798-0488
I do not know anything about the support.
Hopfengasse 16
72108 Rottenburg

Fax +49 7121-68558
Phone I do not know

They have a very good support.


transtec AG
Waldhoernlestr. 18
72072 Tuebingen

Phone +49 7071-974-811
Fax +49 7071-974-899

They have a very good support.

We work with a Yamaha CD-Recorder under pc and sun systems. My opinion
is that this is a very good device but you need a special software,
The software from elektroson in the netherlands, the name is gear, is a
good software. You should know what you need there is a good software
from corel, too but you have not so much applications, the other thing
is that the corel software costs 235 $ and the gear software 1072 $.

Hope this helps.


Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 09:56:14 -0400
From: Bob Maroney <>
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Subject: Re: CDROM recorder

Try Eagle Software .....

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Subject: Re: CDROM recorder


> Does anybody know where I can get equipment to make my own CD-ROMs
>the SUN for backup so as to get rid of those old tapes media. I need
>on software and hardware vendors. Any recommendation would be

I have a couple of articles on file about CD recording drives.

Byte 3/94, p145 compares several products:

  o JVC's Personal Archiver, Telephone (714) 261-1292

  o Microboard's PlayWrite 1000, Telephone (612) 448-9800

  o Pinnacle Micro's RCD-202, Telephone (714) 727-3300

The only information I could find in Open Systems Today, 8/30/93, p52
was that
the following companies produced them at that time:
  o Pioneer New Media Technologies (subsidiary of Pioneer Electronics)
of Long
    Beach, California

  o Kubik Enterprises of Saratoga, California

  o NSM, a German company

  o Todd Enterprises, a New York company

Good luck,


David Gunn

Company: Larson-Davis, Inc
E-mail :
Voice : 801-375-0177
Fax : 801-375-0182

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