X11R6,XView32,Sun386i and Sparc, Summary

From: Gerald Ehritz (ehritz@dbai.tuwien.ac.at)
Date: Tue Apr 11 1995 - 02:56:44 CDT

I posted some X11R6 and XView 3.2 related questions during the last
weeks. I got some answers (many thanks), but some i had to find the hard
way. Here is my summary about X11R6 and Xview 3.2 on Sun Sparcs and 386i
(no PC's) used as xterminals:

We use Sun 386i with bwtwo adapter as xterminals and Sparc based
workstations with SunOS 4.1.3_U1. I compiled all software with

1.) For reasons i don't know, the init of a bwtwo on a Sun 386i is not
defined in "xc/programs/Xservers/hw/sun/sunInit.c".

#ifdef i386 /* { */
#define BW2I NULL
#else /* }{ */

This gives you a nice core dump, but no display!
To get a working X11R6 Xserver i changed this to

extern Bool sunBW2Init(
#if NeedFunctionPrototypes
    int /* screen */,
    ScreenPtr /* pScreen */,
    int /* argc */,
    char** /* argv */
#define BW2I sunBW2Init

2.) On my Sunos 4.0.2 for 386i i missed some include files. I copied
this missing files from a 3/80, and managed to compile X11R6 on SUn 386i
with the 386i cc (i only need the Xserver and rgb files, so i didn't
test the rest).

3.) Compilation of X11R6 on Sparc with gcc-2.6.3 ran smoth. This gives
us a working xmkmf and imake!

4.) Compilation of XView 3.2 pl1 worked with gcc (after defining
-traditional), despite the fact, that the "README" says it does not

5.) Problems in this working version:
        a) command line arguments to orginal OpenWindows 3 tools
        b) "Save Workspace" did not work

I got some inputs for new tools, like xplaces and xtoolplaces. But it
was not possible, to get correct entries for the startup file.
Then i found an old patch, which was posted in May 1994 by Tim Rosmus
(many many thanks), which solved both, the command line arguments and
the "Save Workspace" problem.

Now everything seems to work, and for saving the workspace i use a small
shell script, which is called owplaces, but uses xtoolplaces.

Hope this helps some people out there, which also uses this envirement.

Have a nice day,


Gerald Ehritz		ehritz@vexpert.dbai.tuwien.ac.at
Institut f. Informationssysteme
Technische Universitaet Wien

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