SUMMARY: automount question, a variation

From: Marc Gibian (
Date: Sat May 13 1995 - 12:39:06 CDT

The original question is appended to this message. There were no
unexpected solutions, so unfortunately I had to choose from those I
had already been considering:

1. create symbolic links from what is the physical mount point name on
the host machine(s) on every machine but the host to the automount
location. Simple, but requires that I remove and add links when our
configuration changes.

2. change the mount point for the automount to be the same as the
physical mount point, requiring a different indirect mount map for
every machine (to leave the local disks out of the map). This kind
of defeats the intent of the automount map design, allowing the same
maps to be used on every machine, thus distributable via NIS (though
I have been unable to actually use NIS for my automount maps for some
unexplained reason. I have a few ideas, but haven't had a time when I
could test without too much negative impact on my group's work).

3. perform no builds on the fileserver, thus always accessing files in
the same manner from all workstations. Unfortunately, we don't have
the funds to dedicate a machine as a fileserver. All of our machines
are engineering seats in addition to any other roles they may play
(fileserver, NIS server, mail server, etc).

4. rewrite the 'pwd' command (though I am not convinced this would fix
the problem as the paths causing us our problems are in the debug
information attached to object files by the compiler).

Thanks again for all your help,

Marc S. Gibian
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p.s. - My email link to the world was down for enough time to drop me
from the sun-managers mailing list temporarily for most of this
week. If you sent something relevent to this topic, please resend it
to me.

------------ original question -----------------
Hi everyone,

I haven't seen this yet in the time I have been on this list, but the
automount question (see enclosed) is very close to a problem I am
trying to understand...

>> Hi sun managers:
>> We are running automount and have an indirect map for /home
>> We notice the following:
>> If the user logins to the machine that his home directory is
>> actually on, then when the user does "pwd", the actual
>> path to their home is displayed (ie /g1/mona). However, when
>> the user logins to a machine where their home directory is
>> not on a local disk, then a pwd gives them the automount mount
>> point (ie /home/mona).
>> Does anyone know why this is so and how we can make it consistent
>> (ie having pwd show /home/mona no matter which machine I login to)?

I my case we don't care what our automount paths are as we have
symbolic links that make every machine look the same so long as one
sticks to NOT using the local disk mount points. Unfortunately, we are
running into problems when running codecenter to debug our
software. We do a team build from a machine, with all source code on
its local disks, that is then distributed to the rest of the team in
the form of symbolic links to the automounted disks of the build
machine. When the debugger attempts to find the source code to display
for an executable, it is finding the fully resolved path as it existed
on the builder. Is there a way to insure debug information does not
embed these fully resolved paths that mess up the referencing of
automounted filesystems?

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