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From: burglin@ubaclu.unibas.ch
Date: Sat Apr 29 1995 - 12:22:28 CDT

thanks for all that replied to my question:
I summarize here.
I am still not quite clear what was going on.
I think that the 32 megs / partition was pretty full
anyway, since I had installed patches
The /var directory takes about 4.8 megs, so it's not
really huge, and some of the files mention further
down, are also not that big, one is ~200k.
I couldn't find any "core" stuff, and the
command find / -name core -exec rm -f {}\;
didn't find or remedie anything.
So, I can eek out a little space, but
probably have to move stuff away.
Here are the responses:
I had the problem that the / filesystem was full, too. I installed
some patches and so the /var/sadm allocates lots of space. So I linked
the /var/sadm to /usr/var/sadm and now it is ok.
Clean the /var/adm/ directory.
You can empty the utmp, utmpx, wtmp and wtmpx files.
They're used by the commands 'last', 'who', 'finger', ...
I clean them every 2 or 3 months...
Check also the /var/tmp directory. Maybe there's a big file
forgotten there !
SS10 Solaris2.3 administrator.
Try looking around in the /var filesystem. This is where all the log and spool
files live. Are you doing anything in particular when this happens? For
example when you edit files with vi it creates a temporary file in /var/tmp
which is a duplicate of the file you are editing. Therefore if you edit a big
file using vi it may cause this problem ( if only temporarily). If you aren't
doing anything and you still get this problem start looking for log files. One
that does grow very large is /var/adm/wtmp and also /var/adm/wtmpx. Entries
are made in this file every time someone logs in/out.
Chris Lyon Email: lyon_c_f@bt-web.bt.co.uk
try /var/adm /usr/tmp /tmp then
find / -name core -exec rm -f {}\; to take core's out of the
system. When my / fills up, it's usually cuz of logs in /var/adm
William Devine II <wdevine@pvcea.pvamu.edu>
I had the same problem with my Sun LX running Solaris 2.3. There are several
log files in /var/adm that seemed to increase without limit. Make them smaller.
My problem seemed to be /var/adm/wtmpx and var/adm/wtmp. I deleted the
contents, not the file, and everything worked OK.
Richard Moss rmoss@infi.net
Likely suspects:
/var/adm stuff in general
/var stuff in general
/etc/rmtab (can get very big on an NFS server).
Also look for core files under /etc. The printing subsystem dumps
sometimes under /etc/lp, if I remember correctly.
Hmm, maybe that /var partition is inside of the / partition. Then, if so,
you have that "delete" this files. (cat /dev/null > filelog).
In the /var partition are the log files. Sometimes, these files
are very large, then if /var/partition is inside of the / partition, this
partition it full. Then, cat /dev/null > filelogs.
Cristian Martinez T. (spy@inf.utfsm.cl)

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