SUMMARY: Serial Parallel Controller SBus on 2.4

From: Andrew Baillie (andrewb@gecko.crufad.unsw.EDU.AU)
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 14:29:03 CDT

        I realized this was an RTFM after I had sent it. mea culpa.

The problem:
        I just installed a SPC (Serial Parallel Controller) SBus
        card and upgraded my SPARC Classic to Solaris 2.4 3/95.

        The Solaris 2.4 Open Issues and Late-Breaking News
        Revision A October 1994 p7 says

        "It is not necessary to load the unbundled stc driver for
        the Sun SPC (Serial Parallel Controller SBus card) on top
        of Solaris 2.4 Software. If you do so, several
        unrecoverable errors will occur, as detailed in Bug ID

        Aside from the odd punctuation, this is not very

        I followed this advice but can find no devices for the
        additional SPC ports. In short they don't exist.

        I can find no patches for the mentioned bug 1156748.

        Any ideas, except going back to 2.3, appreciated.


The real Problem:
        I was too tentative installing the card and did not push the
        card far enough into the SBus slot. I identified this with
        the prom monitor command "show-sbus", thanks to Scott Kamin.
        The fix was to open it up and give the card a shove ;-).

        Also showed "Invalid FCode start byte ffed4000" as the
        first message after booting. This has gone with the fix
        and now I see "SPIF/stc FCode initialization complete"

Other suggestions:
        1. boot -r
        2. touch /reconfigure and init 6

Thanks to:
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