SUMMARY: Network tools

Date: Fri Apr 07 1995 - 18:01:51 CDT

Thanks to all and special thanks to
Tan Chin Thong
Gene Loriot
Greg Harrison
Shigeki Misawa

My question : is there any network manager tools or network monitor tools
from PD or Commercial for Sun Solaris 2.3 and 2.4


Commercial: SunNet Manager and Sharpshooter. Price is $5,000 and around $5,500

PD: tcpdump, tcpview, btng, Packetman, Etherman, Analyser, and nfswatch. These
can be found in ftp site

other tools can be found at CIAC or CERT or COAST
These tools are source code and need to complile in C

Thanks again.

Anna Wong

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