Modems under SunOS 4.1.x Summary

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Date: Sun Apr 02 1995 - 01:41:05 CST

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> >I have found a FAQ dealing with installing modems under Solaris 2.x, but
> >this FAQ contains almost no information relating SunOS4.1.x.
> >
> >Can anyone tell me where I can find information on this topic? If there
> >is an old FAQ relating to modems under SunOS 4.1.x, could someone please
> >point me to it, or send it to me?
> >
> Please post replies on this to the group, since I would also be interested.
> Thanks,
> Graham Pooler

Well, most of the replies I got pointed me toward ZyXel (a company that
manufactures modems).

One person sent me a copy of an old Solaris FAQ from 1992. In its header
it said that from now on questions about Solaris 2.x were going to be
included in the FAQ as they develop. So basically, the current Solaris
FAQ contains all the old questions about SunOS 4.1.x as well.

A great repository for Sun FAQs (including the Solaris FAQ) is located at:

It contains almost everything you will want except the ZyXel documents
which are located at: (or /pub/other/zyxel/

That's all I found out!

Hope that helps someone out there.


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