SUMMARY: A/D, D/A, and Control cards

Date: Tue Apr 04 1995 - 23:43:55 CDT

My original query:

> I am searching for an A/D, D/A S-Bus card and a relay control card
> to control external power relays from a Sparc-20. Has anyone seen such
> cards for this machine? I have seen lots of them for PC's but never
> one for a Sun workstation.

Thanks for the responses that I got from:
John Rosenberg <>
Ed Romascan <ed@magma.COM>
Victoria H Lau <!vlau>
Kevin Sheehan <>

These are the companies I received information on:

Sonitech International
Wellesley, Mass.

(619) 457-0750
(619) 457-0798 (FAX)

Pentland Systems Limited
1 Cochrane Square
Brucefield Industrial Park
West Lothian
Scotland EH54 9DR
Telephone: (0506) 464666
Fax: (0506) 463030
U.S. contact is Jim O'Brian, phone (510) 736-5113.

Ultraview Corporation
Barbara Sacks
P.O. Box 14734
475 Yampa Way
Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 656-8017
(510) 657-0927

Kevin Sheehan also suggested getting the SBus vendor's list

        Johnie Stafford
        System Engineer
        C & C Technologies, Inc.

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