SUMMARY, gcc not linking curses

From: Robert Wolf (
Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 11:18:42 CST

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  We are running Solaris 2.4, with the installation cd patches installed.

   We just installed gcc ver 2.6.3

   When I try to compile a small curses library, I get the following link
   errors. It seems some of the curses functions are missing.

   # gcc -Wall -I. -o cur_01a cur_01a.c -lucb -lcurses -ltermcap
   Undefined first referenced
    symbol in file
   initscr32 /var/tmp/cca000TY1.o
   w32addch /var/tmp/cca000TY1.o
   nl /var/tmp/cca000TY1.o
   echo /var/tmp/cca000TY1.o
   ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to cur_01a

So the problem is that some curses functions are missing?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SUMMARY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The solution was my LB_LIBRARY_PATH was improperly set.

It should be


Special thanks to for answering so fast!

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