SUMMARY : SONY 16inch monitors loosing brightness.

From: D. Klempel (bepc!
Date: Wed Mar 29 1995 - 14:19:58 CST

I posted questions regarding my 4 year old 16inch SONY monitors getting
dim with age. The general concensus was that they have aged to the
point where it is desirable to replace them. Aged capacitors, deposits
on the screen, oxide deposits on certain potentiometer contacts etc.
The newer monitors supposedly don't have the problem (of course how
could we know?).

However, for those of us who hate to throw anything out...
The monitors are SONY model GDM1604A15. Adjustments can be made to the
color guns which may help. There are potentiometers marked R, G, B
(red,green,blue) that can be tweeked. I've done that and had some
success about 6 months back with a couple of monitors that weren't too
far gone. X11 programs xcolor, xterm -fg seagreen, xterm -fg rosybrown
and xterm -fg blue were suggested tools for color display comparisons when
tweeking the pots. Adjusting the color guns now doesn't correct the
problem. Craig indicated that there should be an access hole in the EMI
shielding marked 'sub-Bright' or 'Screen' but I couldn't find anything
with those markings on mine.

I believe I'll go for the replacement option. (Matthias suggested
plugging them into a 220 volt source, that should brighten something
and make replacement certain!).

Thanks to:
Craig Johnson
Bill Morrow
Patrick Nolan pln@Stanford.EDU
Paul Caskey
Matthias Kurz
John McWilliams
David Uraneck uunet!fmicos!duran
Jeff Woolsey

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