Summary: scsi problems + request more help

From: K. Bader (
Date: Tue Mar 28 1995 - 03:22:55 CST

Sun Managers,

First I'd like to thank Michael Zika, Dan Stromberg and Birger A. Wathne
for all the great documentation. From what I've read, combining SCSI-I,
and SCSI-2 if the host adapter is SCSI-I should just cause the SCSI-2 disks to
operate at the 5mb/sec rate but should work ok. I received opposing answers
on this from Bismark Espinoza saying not to mix them and from Vicki Rosenzweig
and Chris A. Wozniak saying it was ok to mix them. I also received opposing
answers on bus position. Since I had the 2G drives last on the bus and was
having problems, I decided to put them first.
        So far I took the advice of Steve Clemons and did the nuts and bolts.
I shortened the cables and had the disks checked out by a hardware tech.
He said the connectors were loose inside and reseated them. Since then
the drives have been recognized after the first probe. The error I
am getting now doesn't seem to be affecting much but I will type it in
for you so that you might be able to help better. The reason I didn't send
the exact error before was because the only way for me to get it to you
was to type it in. The operators told me that this error is coming
up after or during the quota check on sd3. The connection is host -> sd2 (2G)
 -> sd3 (2G) -> sd0 (1G) -> sd1 (1G) -> tape units (terminated passive).
I will try to order an active terminator since this is recommended by all.
Here's the error:
        si0: siintr: bus error during dma
        si0: resetting scsi bus
                csr = -x3147 bcr=57323 tcr=0x1
                cbsr=0x45 (DATA IN) cdr=0x6c mr= 0x2 bsr=0x49
                target=0, lun=0 DMA addr=0x2000 count=57323 (57344)
                cdb= 8 0 80 6 70 0
                last phase =0x4 (DATA IN) 57344
                last phase =0x4 (DATA IN) 57344
                last phase =0x82 (Identify MSG) 0 0
                last phase =0x8b (Reselect) 0
                last phase =0x8c (Disconnect MSG) 0
                last phase =0x83 (Save ptr MSG) 0 8192
                last phase =0x8 (COMMAND) 8
                last phase =0x81 (Arbitration) 0 0
        si0: sd0, unit online

Thanks for all the help so far. Everyone has been very nice too which makes the
task a lot less frustrating.


Thanks to:!acmcr!vr - I don't get net news. I'd like the FAQ. Thanks.

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