SUMMARY: new sparc 5 can't find internal disk

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Fri Mar 24 1995 - 03:10:54 CST

The original message:
We just tried to set up a new sparc 5 with a 1Gb internal disk.
When we ran suninstall, it bailed out saying it couldn't find an
attached disk. Running "probe-scsi" from the prom also showed no disk.

We took the cover off the workstation and powered it up. The disk started
spinning and its light was on. It seems to be attached firmly to the

We have a call into sun, but is this a "well-known" problem
with an easy fix? (I know this is wishful thinking.)

Well we took out a disk from one of our sparc 5's and put it in the
new machine and it worked fine. Then we put the original disk back in.
Then it started working.

It's been working for about 12 hours now, through a full OS install and beyond.
I guess something must have been shifted in transport. I didn't think
it was possible for the disk to get power but not transmit data with the
new connectors.

Anyways, I hope this is the end of my problems.

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