SUMMARY:problems with "ps-ax" command

From: Hojoo Moon (
Date: Thu Mar 23 1995 - 12:50:49 CST

Several people responded so promptly. Thank you for your help.

My original question was:
> I have a problem with "ps" command.
> Two of our system whose OS is "SunOS xxxxx 4.1.3-KL 1 sun4m".
> For the command "ps -aux" command worked fine, before.
> All of a sudden, I get "Segmentation fault" error for the "ps -aux"
> and "Bus error" for the "ps -ax" command.

Most of answeres were the same as the following by Russ Poffenberger

There are two possibilities..
1.) You have accidentally overwritten, or are using the ps binary for
        a different architecture. If this is a server serving heterogenous
        clients, or is a client of a server that serves heterogenous clients,
        then it is possible that they got mixedup.
2.) You have re-built and installed a new kernel (/vmunix), and haven't
        rebooted the machine yet.

Actually I have never rebuilt the kernel, but I rebooted the system.
then "ps -ax" worked fine.

Hojoo Kim

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