SUMMARY: Sun SPC cards on SS1000E

From: Dirk Somers (
Date: Wed Mar 22 1995 - 12:39:03 CST

Original Question:

> We recently installed an SPC board on our SS1000 (Sol. 2.4)
> for serial communication with other computer systems (a CPU board -
> 68XXX with a serial RS232 line ....)
> After using the ports for a while , they seem to hang.
> Question: Is there a possibility of resetting the ports
> to their initial state without rebooting the system?
> I tried already a "modunload" and "modload" of the SPC
> driver, but this doesn't unlock the serial ports!


* From Sat Mar 18 02:23 MET 1995
  Get another board. The SPC has been nothing but trouble for our clients.

                l & h,

* From!!Chris_Terry/Computervision@Relay.CV.COM Mon Mar 20 00:14 MET 1995
  As someone who has been seriously bitten by these cards (twice)
  i would suggest
  that you be very careful regarding the amount of noise which may
  affect these cards. The driver software can spend so much time servicing
  interrupts that the system cannot service other tasks
  (and this WILL induce a panic).
  I have found the system board ports driver much more solid in this
  I realise that this isn't a solution for you but probably something
  that you should know.

* From Mon Mar 20 07:00 MET 1995
  Hi Dirk,

  There are two possibilities to reset the ports to their initial
  state without rebooting your system.

  The first one is to use the sacadm command under Solaris 2.x.
  The sacadm command is used to control the I/O service access.
  By default, if you type :

        # sacadm -l <-- List all port monitors on the system

        tcp listen - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/listen tcp #
        zsmon ttymon - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/ttymon #

  The most important paramter is the PMTYPE.

  To reset all the ports of your serial-// controller, follow this
  procedure :

        # sacadm -d -p zsmon
        # sacadm -l

        tcp listen - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/listen tcp #
        zsmon ttymon - 0 DISABLED /usr/lib/saf/ttymon #

        # sacadm -e -p zsmon
        # sacadm -l

        tcp listen - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/listen tcp #
        zsmon ttymon - 0 ENABLED /usr/lib/saf/ttymon #

  Second possibility : To replace the boot -r option, use the three
  commands shown below. The three commands are also used to reinitialize
  all the serial ports of your system :

        # drvconfig
        # devlinks
        # ports

  Don't try to use the SPC 2.0 software because by default, Solaris 2.x
  contains a SPC package, that means, when you install a SPC controller,
  you only need to reboot your system with the -r option and all the
  serial ports will be activated by the Operating System.

Best Regards,

Yves Hardy from AB Computers in Belgium.


Thanks to all who respondend!!!

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