SUMMARY: Printing Files Larger Than 1MB

From: Matt Marlow (matt@maryanne.UCSD.EDU)
Date: Mon Mar 13 1995 - 10:01:59 CST

Thanks for the ideas, everyone!

The suggestions were as follows:

 1) Use the "-s" option with the lpr command to avoid spooling
        to the disk. It creates a symbolic link to the data files
        instead of trying to copy them. This didn't work in my
        situation for at least two reasons...

        First, the printer is on a remote machine, and the "-s"
        option only works when the printer is connected locally.

        Second, the print server is running Solaris 2.4, and I've
        read the man pages for all of the print commands I can
        think of on that machine, and none of them have an option
        similar to the "-s" on SunOS 4.x machines. (Please let me
        know if I'm in error on this one - I'd love to find a way
        to use it!)

 2) Ensure that all hosts in the print route contain the "mx#0"
        option in their /etc/printcap. Well, all of our SunOS
        machines have this entry, and still our HP LJ connected to
        one of these machines truncates to 1MB. As for the Solaris
        machine, I have yet to find a similar required entry. ( I'm
        still reading man pages for this one...)

So, at our location we still have a 1MB limit! But thanks for the
info on the above - we'll continue with our quest to find a solution
to our situation, and will post any answers we stumble across...

Thanks again!

Matt Marlow

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