SUMMARY: Are you happy with Barracuda 4GB?

From: Anchi Zhang (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 03:52:34 CST

My original posting:

 I am trying to decide between Barracuda 2GB and 4GB disks for our
 Sparc 10 Solaris 2.4 NFS servers. I would prefer 4GB but have never
 used one. Are those of you using the 4GB happy with them?

Among those who responded, one was reasonably happy, four happy, five
very happy, one more than happy, one extremely happy, and one unable
to function without them.

In addition, Dave Hightower warned about the significance of the cable
length and type of SCSI terminator for fast SCSI 2. Gary Blumenstein
was concerned with the heat a 7200rpm drive would generate. Eileen
Tronolone reported her findings from Seagate that the RPM parameter
may have to be lowered from 7200 to 6000 when formatting on a Sun.
Casper Dik suggested "using the Fast/Wide/Differential variant, as one
barracuda already gets a 5-6MB/s thruput."

Many thanks go to

 Dave Hightower <> (Robert D. Worsham)
 aspen! (David S. Bartle (NE)) (Mark Morrissey)
 Jim Wright <> (Zia Iqbal 7-2606)
 Frank ALLAN <>
 Casper Dik <> (Mark Owens)
 Gary Blumenstein <> (Lewis E. Wolfgang) (Josh Personius) (David Warm)
 "David Stadden" <david@zappa> (Eileen Tronolone) (John D. Schneider)
 Reto Lichtensteiger <>


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