SUMMARY: Changed config files, now machine won't boot, help!

From: Don Jackson (dcj@churchill.Clark-Comm.COM)
Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 07:19:54 CST

I received a lot of good advice. My problem was a combination of the
following things:
        /etc/fstab was incorrect/corrupted
        The /fastboot file existed, which prevented needed fsck
        Misc hostname.* files, which confused rc* and ifconfig

I ended up having to boot from cdrom, install miniroot, reboot into
miniroot, mount /, fix fstab, remove /fastboot, and I ran
sys-unconfig for good measure. All this got the machine up and running
in short order.

Many thanks to the numerous people who responded.

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Subject: Changed config files, now machine won't boot, help!
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Date: Sun, 05 Mar 1995 23:01:22 PST
From: Don Jackson <dcj@jacksun>


I am running SunOS 4.1.3_U1 on a SS2. I am trying to change the hostname and
configuration of this machine to replace another SparcStation on my net
that is going to be ugraded to Solaris2.4

I made all the configuration file changes I thought I would need
(esp hostname.le0, fstab, and a few others).

When I rebooted my SS2, ifconfig complained about "no such interface",
and my fstab file has so upset my machine that it fails to mount any disks,
and gives me a "#" prompt, but I can't seem to run any programs (like "ls")
or view any files.

I would be MOST grateful if anyone out there can tell me how I can get my
machine booted at least to single user mode so I can inspect and
change fstab and hostname.le0


Don Jackson

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