SUMMARY: admintool as root

From: Anthony G. Morgan (
Date: Fri Mar 10 1995 - 04:23:48 CST

Thanks for the quick responses. I was trying
to run admintool as root while /dev/console
was owned by user. duh! Anyway, many of you
suggested "xhost" as another solution.

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I'm getting this error when attempting to access
admintool as root:

[hostname]# admintool &
[1] 1705
[hostname]# admintool: could not start display method for this reason:
Xlib: connection to "[hostname]:0.0" refused by server
Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server
XView error: Cannot open connection to window server: [hostname]:0 (Server package)

In my home directory there is a file, .xsun.[hostname]:0, which I believe
holds a "magic-cookie" that allows me to run admintool in my user account.
I didn't notice a similar file in the root directory, so I copied mine over.
That didn't work. How does one create this file for root, if this is what
I'm missing OR am I way off base. This is more curiosity than crisis.

Thanks. Will summarize

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Thanks to:

Manjeet_Singh <jvncnet!!manjeet>
Kevin Sheehan jvncnet!!Kevin.Sheehan
Vikas jvncnet!!vikas
Yves Hardy jvncnet!!yves
Matthias Kurz <jvncnet!!mk>
Lothar Mueller <jvncnet!!mueller>

Thanks, Again.
Tony Morgan

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