SUMMARY: scanning software for Sun

From: Scott Ewing (
Date: Mon Mar 06 1995 - 10:36:18 CST

Several weeks ago, I asked about scanning software to use on a SUN w/
an HP ScanJet IIcx. Below are the reply's I received. Thanks to those
who responded.

It's kinda interesting that I received so many responses for so many
different products. PINT and ScanShop each received (2) votes.

I have also found a reference to Pictronics EasyScan.

Anybody have any suggestions which direction I should take?


scott ewing

Try FirstScanII from Aurora Technologies
176 Second Ave
Waltham, MA 02154
tel 617-290-4800
fax 617-290-4844 (Tim Desjardins)
Aurora is a software package that seems to work well with the hp scanner.

[Is this FirstScanII from Aurora?] (Mike M. Abshire)
The only one I've familiar with is ScanShop, from Vividata
(Berkeley, CA). It's aimed more at the commercial than personal market
(as are all Sun software products!), and it's in the $500 to $2k range
(I think), depending on the scanner.

It will work with many different scanners (printers too), I'm
pretty sure the ScanJet is supported. Call Vividata at (415) 841-6400
for info. (Patrick Stirling)
Don't buy. Get PINT. Contact
We have been using scanshop for a couple of years and are quite happy with
Its available from Vividata

James Broermann <>
There is a producted called PIXELFX they are out of dallas texas...
I have seen commercial packages available although I can not find the
bumpf. I think a company called ADVENT(?) (in the UK), markets a range
of scanner drivers for Suns. (Andrew K. Hind)
My company (SLIX GmbH in Germany) sells "SLIXSCAN". It is a tool that lets
you control the scanner on a SUN (SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.X) under Openwin
or Motif. It consists of two parts: The GUI and the SCSI driver.
It supports (as of now) the HP ScanJet series.
The output of a scan is written to a file in one of 5 formats
(jpeg, xwd, ps, tiff, pgm). It sells for DM 499.- (US $ 300.-).

Stefan Loesch <>
If you want turnkey stuff, then ScanWorX and the Kaleida software are
probbly what you seek. (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

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