SUMMARY: rcp not possible

Date: Wed Mar 01 1995 - 19:59:02 CST

Dear Sun-Managers,

Thank You very much for your responses to the question:

> I installed Solaris 2.4 and all the patches on the system cd. And
> now I can not rcp to a Solaris 2.3 system. I checked
> .rhosts and /etc/default/login for CONSOLE, but I only get:
> >must be attached to a terminal for the "am I" option

Id did not realize the relation between r-commands and logins!

The answer is:

Obviously you have a "who am i" in your shell startup script
(.cshrc/.bashrc or whatever).
Execute this command only when you are attached to a terminal
for sh/bash:

"if [ -t ] then ...; who am i; ... fi"

for csh:
if ($?prompt) then
   who am i ......

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