SUMMARY: tee for stdin???

From: Kevin A. Noll (
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 23:19:26 CST

Boy! What a dunce I am sometimes <8=)

Thanks to everyone that responded. Unanimous response was to use the
'script' command. I knew it was there, but had totally forgotten
about it.

I also received a couple of excerpts to put in .cshrc or .login
to start 'script' properly when someone log's in as root (or su).


>You'll need to do some recursion prevention, since script starts
>another shell which again reads .cshrc, and you'll probably want to
>log each terminal or window separately, something like (untested)

> if (! $?SCRIPTFILE) then
> set tty=`tty`
> setenv SCRIPTFILE `basename $tty`
> unset tty
> echo "start `date` `who am i`" >> /var/adm/rootlogs/$SCRIPTFILE
> script -a /var/adm/rootlogs/$SCRIPTFILE
> echo "end `date` `who am i`" >> /var/adm/rootlogs/$SCRIPTFILE
> endif

Thanks to:

Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <> (Pete Welcher) (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Gary Blumenstein <>
Mike Fletcher <> (Perry Hutchison)
etnibsd! (Steve Harris) Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
"Christopher A. Stewart" <>


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