SUMMARY: Solaris 2.4 - SPARCstation 5 - Slowdown?

From: B. Shorter (
Date: Mon Feb 27 1995 - 22:38:24 CST

Mornin' Folks:

On Feb. 15th, I posted concerning my SS5, newly running Solaris 2.4,
which was slowing down about four days after a reboot. It appeared to
be paging like crazy and thrashing itself to death.

I postulated "memory leak" and asked if anyone else had observed this
problem. There were several responses, "yes, I have." One respondent
(Giles Carre) mentioned a memory leak in the Volume Manger. Patch
101907-05 addresses this problem.

I decided to apply current Solaris 2.4 patches to this system, in light
of Giles Carre's advice. And, the system has now been up without
incident for six days. So, here is a list of patches that I applied
(and I hope these fixed the problem rather than just delaying it):

        101907-05 - volume manager (leaks memory)
        101945-13 - jumbo kernel patch
        101973-03 - ypbind/libnsl
        101981-02 - Security
        102048-01 - Korn shell
        102070-01 - rpcbind (security)
        102108-01 - Bourne shell and background processes
        102153-02 - admintool jumbo patch
        102216-01 - NFS Client security fix

I would consider the first two in the above list to be appropriate
to the problem. The rest were just a preventative or security
required selection.

If this system should malfunction in the same fashion again,
I will repost. If not, I assume that the above patch list has
fixed the problem.

Thank you, one and all, for responding.

Bill Shorter

The respondents: - "watch the size of your Xserver. Use "swap -s"
                    and "swap -l" after reboot and when in trouble."
                    "Patch 101959-05 causes performance degradation
                    for networked apps."
billd@ixcim - "watch system with perfmeters."!longdon- "has a SS5 that does this. Suspects memory
                    leak too. Questions the OpenWin. manager."!Andy_Feldt- "notices this with Crack running
                    and wonders about a memory leak in Crack."!stanley- "speculates that swap is fragmented."!Giles.Carre- "volume manager leaks memory."
ssl.Berkeley.EDU!ted - "backed out 101945-13; wonders if that will
                    fix his similar problem."

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