networker 4.0.2 bug summary

From: ChJimM (
Date: Sat Feb 25 1995 - 05:45:01 CST

Thanks for the responses to this problem. It seems that legato is recommending
upgrading to 4.1 for solaris 2.4. SunSoft didn't know that this version

Response Summary:

NetWorker 4.1 is already available from Legato (I'm running it). Legato's
official word is that 4.0.2 should run under Solaris 2.4, but they haven't
tested it much and don't guarantee it. They strongly encouraged me to
upgrade to NetWorker 4.1 before upgrading the OS to 2.4.

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Hi Jim,

        I am going to forward your email to the install engineer and
tech support. But I thought I'd tell you that. They should respond
soon. But I have some questions and some suggestions in the meantime.
I am only the unix sysadmin, so I am not as current as the engineer
and tech support would be.
> Sunsoft told me that networker 4.0.2 worked with Solaris 2.4 -
        I know that 4.1.x does........ We have it working here......
> In fact it has a bug which prevents installation target disk selection.
        That is a BIG PROBLEM! What if you pkgadd it to a spool space, and
        edit the install scripts. Pkgmap, pkginfo and nsr_ize might be helpful.
        I would just edit the end destination of where I wanted the files, and
        still use pkgadd after the install scripts are fixed. It is important to
        ln -s $big_partition /nsr, because that is what needs a lot of space..
        approxamately 6% of your total network diskspace.
> This makes the product unusable for me because my / disk doesn't have enough
> space to install the product.
        Hmmmm, why is it going into "/". Most of it should go into
        /usr/sbin, /usr/bin, and /nsr ( wherever you put that?? )
        How much disk space do you have on this system???? You are going
        to need atleast 6% of total backed up disk space for the indeces.
        That means if you have 20 workstations with 500mb each, that
        is 20x500x0.06 or 600mb just for indeces. I think that the executables
        run about 20 mb tops, which is nothing compared to the indeces.
> Sunsoft said that sometime in the future a new version of networker would be
> released to solve this problem - big help.
        It looks like you only have two problems :
        1) Where to put NetWorker ( the executables and /nsr )
        2) Fixing the scripts to install it where you'd like.

        I strongly suggest that you confirm how to do this with
Sun Technical Support, or look for a Tech Bulletin in sunsolve,
or on For a list of Legato Bulletins, send email
to with "send bulletins index" in either the
subject or the body. That is the address of our archive email
server. The index and bulletins are available via www, as well
as fax back ( 415-812-6156 ).
        I believe that Sun may have altered NetWorker for Solaris
for solaris 2.4. If you purchased their copy, they are your best
bet for support. They should know what they changed. Nsr_ize may
not even be in the package. I wouldn't install with nsr_ize
for two reasons.... there may be a problem fixed in pkgadd that was
not updated in nsr_ize, and pkgadd will add networker to the packages
        Someone from support or engineering should be getting back to
you soon, as well.
        I hope this helps.

Pamela Pledger
Unix System Administration
Legato Systems, Inc
> Anyone have any workarounds for this problem?

Might I suggest Networker 4.1? Just call Legato.

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Last Friday I installed NetWorker 4.1 on SunOS 4.1.3. I noticed in the manual pages instructions for Solaris installation. I assume that it will work - the release notes say :

"Legato recommends Solaris 2.3 or above for use with NetWorker."

Chris Biggs ,

I just installed the 4.02 single server version on my Solaris 2.4 machine, and it chose the filesystem with the most disk space as to where to install, and created a link to the / directory.

<< SunSoft says this is the case sometimes it works and sometimes not>> jm

We corporately run Legato, and for our real backup servers create a seperate filesystem called /nsr, and then install the software.


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