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From: Lloyd Dipple (
Date: Fri Feb 24 1995 - 06:27:08 CST

Original Question:

>Does anyone know where I can get a graphical news reader for Sun Sparc
>stations running 4.1.3_U1 with the OpenWindows 3.0 GUI

Here is a summary of the respones I recieved for news readers. I would like
to also appologize to the one individule who left me a very direct reply
about the fact that I was not supposed to post this kind of message here.

So this summary will be my last comment about it. Sorry for clogging up
this mailing list. And thanks for sending me the rules about posting
on this list.

My Comments:
I went with NetScape, I liked this package because is also a WWW brouser.

I was unable to get xvnews to compile and run.

Thanks to the following responders sorry if I missed anyone: -- Thanks for your summary and response.
        rnw@math.Princeton.EDU -- here is the summary that you asked for.


From: Tom Orban <>
Subject: Re: News Readers


Unfortunately I don't recall what ftp site I grabbed it from. Sorry.


From: (Michael G. Harrington)
Subject: Re: News Readers

I use Netscape which is a World Wide Web browser. It has a built-in
news reader. The anonymous FTP site is

Good luck. Michael Harrington

>> I did not include all of this summary (sorta long) If you would like the
>> comments from this summary please email me:

From: (Steve Lee)
Subject: SUMMARY:newsreaders

I think you can find xvnews in

(somewhere underneath /pub possibly in networking or news...I don't

You can also use netscape as a news reader (I actually prefer
this to xvnews...)

From: "Richard Wong" <>
Subject: Re: News Readers

I understand that Xmosaic & Netscape can read news as long as the news files
have the threading files in the news database.

From: Andy McCammont (0119) <>
Subject: Re: News Readers

get mxrn (sometimes called dxrn). most common place to get it is via
ftp from

it's good. hope it helps

From: (Derald McMillan)
Subject: Re: News Readers

Use Netscape <<<< I did thank you >>>>>

From: (Dan Penrod)
Subject: Re: News Readers


xrn is the X Windows News Reader that I use. Couldn't remember where I
originally got it so I archied for it and got this:

  Host (
  Last updated 09:17 20 Feb 1995

      Location: /mirrors/X/contrib/applications
        DIRECTORY drwxr-xr-x 512 bytes 13:19 19 Dec 1994 xrn

  Host (
  Last updated 09:50 9 Feb 1995

      Location: /localsrc/X11R4/contrib/clients
        DIRECTORY drwxrwxr-x 1536 bytes 14:39 2 Sep 1994 xrn

One of those two sites should work for you. Also, a good alternative
to consider is to use your WWW reader to read your Network News (as
well as your ftp and gopher stuff). I use NetScape to read my network
news and it does a terrific job. Only problem is that you have to
know the news group address ahead of time. It won't list all available
news groups for you like a standard news reader will. NetScape can be
found at:


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