SUMMARY: inetd failing

From: Stephen Pendleton (
Date: Wed Feb 22 1995 - 00:17:25 CST

My original post was:
I am running 4.1.3_U1 on a Sparc 10 and I have on occasion logged this error:
Feb 17 12:57:38 titania inetd[195]: 100068/rpc/udp server failing
(looping), service terminated
I then lose all connections to the network. I can't telnet to or from or
ping from the machine.
The corresponding line (I think) in the inetd.conf file is:
100068/2-3 dgram rpc/udp wait root /usr/etc/rpc.cmsd rpc.cmsd
What is this daemon used for?
The only change I have made in the inetd.conf file is to add a daemon
called identd to the file. It is part of a package called pidentd. Could
this conflict?
Does anyone have any ideas?

Dave Curado ( davec@HK.Super.NET ) replied:
The problem is sun's inetd can only accept 40 connections per
minute. The patch is available from Sun, Patch-ID# 100178-09...
Then you can then start inetd from rc.local with something like
        inetd -r 80 60
meaning accept 80 connections per 60 seconds...
If you have trouble getting the patch, I have a copy here...


I think he is correct since I applied the patch and have had no problems
since. We have been getting a tremendous number of hits on our WWW site
lately so maybe this could have overloaded the daemon.
As a side note Mathew Keenan (matt@uts.EDU.AU) suggested I take the
100068/2-3 out of inetd.conf since it is a security hole.



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