SUMMARY netboot problem

From: Larry Ash 537 235-5450 (
Date: Mon Feb 20 1995 - 13:29:21 CST

The solution was provided by danny@CS.HUJI.AC.IL from the

My error was in /etc/bootparams. I had


instead of:\

*All* hosts needed to be fully qualified. Dumb me. Other than that the switch
to BIND 4.9.3BETA17 and related shared libs went very smoothly.
> System- Sparc2
> Os SunOS 4.1.3_U1
> 64M ram
> I upgraded from the bundled dns software to BIND 4.9.3BETA17. Rebuilt and
> installed the shared librarys (/usr/lib) and (usr/5lib) as per instructions in ./shres.
> All tests went well. 4.9.3B17 reported a few typos in the zone files which
> were fixed.
> PROBLEM: A sparc1 that I was using to build new boot drives would no longer
> boot from the net. When I try, the boot file is downloaded. The machine
> correctly secures its IP address, name, domainname, servername, and root
> pathname then:
> 1. hangs
> or
> 2. reports clntkudp__create:socket creation problem. Protocol not
> supported.(errno 43) clget: null client.
> (in this case rpc.bootparamd in debug mode reports
> bp_getclntent failed.
> I tried backing out the shared librarys to the previous version with no luck.
> Simlar (but not exact) symptoms. Rpc.bootparamd -d reported a strange route
> which might explain hanging.
> Any ideas or help would be *greatly* appreciated.
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